Pastor Scott is originally from South Carolina, but has enjoyed pastoring Covenant PCA and living in the valley of South Texas since March of 2008.  He has been married for 18 years.  He and his wife have four children.  He was ordained as a minister in the PCA in 2005.  His goal for himself and for the congregation of Covenant is to know Christ and to make Christ known.  

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Pastor Gamaliel (Gama) Pozos is originally from Mexico. He and his family responded to the call of the Lord to come to the Rio Grande Valley in August 2014. He graduated from Erskine Theological Seminary in Due West, South Carolina in May 2007, was ordained to the ministry in the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico in 2010 and transferred his ordination into the PCA in 2015. His prayer is to continue to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ, to seek for God’s elect in the Valley, and to make disciples of the Lord Jesus. 

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The ruling elder is a biblically mandated office with Old and New Testament warrant, established and regulated by God in His Word for the health of the local church and the advancement of the kingdom of God in the world.

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